Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Har simt gham e hijr kay toofaan hain saqee
Mat pooch kay hum kitney pareeshaan hain saqee

Har chahraa nazar aataa hay tasweer kee soorat
Hum shaher kay logon say bhee anjaan hain saqee

Jis shaher e mohabat nay humain loot liaa hay
Es shaher say ab kooch kay samaan hain saqee

Kashtee abhee umeed kee doobee to nahee hay
Phir kyun teree aankhon main yeh toofaan hain saqee

Kar en kaa adab, rakh enhain, seenay say laga kar
Yeh dard, yeh tanhaaiaan, mehmaan hain saqee

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