Thursday, October 22, 2009

WS - Achey Nahee Lagtey


Kaheen sehraa, kahee sookhay shajar achey nahee lagtey
Mujhey ab khawaab zaaron kay safar achey nahee lagtey

Jawabee khat main yun us nay mairey barey main likhaa thaa
Buraa bhee kah nahee saktee , magar , achey nahee lagtey

Wafaoon kaa bharam tootay to kyun zindaa rahey koi ?
Kay jab dastaar gir jaye , to , sar achey nahee lagtey

Woh lamhaa bhar main janmon kaa ta'aluq tor saktaa hay
Mujhey lamhon main sadyon kay safar achey nahee lagtey

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