Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Esteemed MNA's 

While surfing the internet I came across some interesting (even startling) figures and data related both to Pakistan and India – two neighboring countries who have fought at least two declared wars and many skirmishes during their 62 years of neighborly relations.




Basic salary of an MP:

Rs 16,000 per month

Rs. 120,000 to 200,000 per month


Rs 1,000 per day for attendance in Parliament

Daily BETA during Assembly meets  Rs.500

Constituency Allowance:

Rs 20,000 per month

Rs.100,000 per month

Office Expenses:

Rs 20,000 per month

Rs.140,000 per month

Furniture & Elect Appls:

Rs 2.5 lakh for cabinet minister. Rs 2 lakh for minister of state.



Govt accommodation for rent not exceeding Rs 650 per month

Free Accomodation in Govt. Hostels anywhere in Pakistan



Free executive air class travel for minister, along with his private secretary or assistant private secretary or a personal assistant. Can charter a plane, if required.


Free Business Class for 40 trips / year (With wife or P.A.)

Can reserve a standard gauge saloon or an inspection carriage. If not, he can reserve a first class compartment. Can take along one relative, two personal servants and any amount of luggage


1st Class (A/C) (All over PAKISTAN) Free Unlimited


Free use of official vehicle in public interest or on duty


Rs. 8 per km (For a visit to ISLAMABAD & return: 6000 km) Rs.48,000

Water & Electricity:

Free water up to 2,000 kilolitres and free power up to 50,000 units on light meter per year

Free power up to 50,000 units


150,000 free local calls per year on two landlines and one cellphone given.

Free up to 1,70,000 calls.


Free medical care for minister and members of his family.





Budget revenue:




 $202.6b (2008 est)

$32.35b (2008 est)

Population below poverty line:

25% (2007 est)

24% (2005/2006 est)


$2900 (2008 est)

$2500 (2008 est)


$1.21 Trillion (2008 EST)

$167.6 billion (2008 EST)


 1,166,079,217 (July 2009 est)

176,242,949 (July 2009 est)

Population Growth Rate:


1.947% (2009 est)

Birth Rate:

21.76 birth/1000 population (2009 est)

27.62 birth/1000 population (2009 est)

Death Rate:

6.23 deaths/1000 population (2009 est)

7.68 deaths/1000 population (2009 est)

Sex Ratio:

1.06 male/female (2009 est)

1.04 male/female (2009 est)


61% of population; male 73.4% and female 47.8%  (2001 census)

49.9% of population; male 63% and female 36% (2005 est)

Education Expenditure:

3.2% of GDP (2005 est)

2.6% of GDP (2005 est)

Military Expenditure:

2.5% of GDP (2006)

2.5% of GDP (2006)

Lok Sabha Members:

545 (Directly elected for 5 yrs Eqvlnt to Pak Natl Assy))

342 (Elected for 5 yrs eqvlnt to India’s Lok Sabha)

Rajya Sabha Mambers: 

250 (Elected for 6 Years equal to Pak Senate)

100 (Elected for 6 Years eqvlnt to India’s Rajya Sabha)

In short, India spends only 545 (MPs) x 16,000 (Monthly basic salary) x 12 (Months) = Rs104.65 Millions yearly while its population is 1.166 billion.

Comparatively, Pakistan spends 342 (MNAs) x 160,000 (Monthly avg basic salary) x 12 (Months) = Rs656.64 Millions yearly while its population is 176 Millions approx.

On a per capita basis the money given to a public figure in Pakistan to represent his constituency is abominal as compared to the same in India.

A Pakistani pays at least Rs3.73 (RS656.64/176 Million population) per year for each MNA where as an Indian pays only Rs 0.09 per year for each MP (Rs104.65/1166 Million population)

Article By  Faisal Shahzad

All right reserved by READnSEND ... Published here only for sake of public awareness.
Contents pasted here are directly taken from the various sources from internet !

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