Friday, June 28, 2013

A Breeze For Small Businesses

Small businesses usually find ways to save the money in vairous ways. That behaviour is not only appropriate for their low investment budgets but also helps them sustaining in the harsh economical conditions by lowering their TCO.

Doing official work is a fundamental thing for every business and doing it properly requires a paid or open source version of Office document maker software.

Both of such software have their own limitations or burdens on the business. In case of commercial software, the license fee becomes the nighmare for the SMB which is although not present in case of open source but managing open source plate form is another burden which has to be handeled by the SMB.

These solution have also a major limitation of physical accessibility. Documents stored on the computer are only available on the same.

But now, Google Docs brings a new revolution to the office working. You can sign up at a very minor cost, (even free if you have size limited to their threshhold for specific time) and enjoy the hazzle free full fledged software suit for official work on your finger tip wherever you are in the world. You are physically as well as virtually free to access documents not only from location but also from the accessing plateform. Now you can use a personal computer to compose a document at office, print it using your laptop at home and present it to the meeting with client at his office using your tablet.

The only requirement is the INTERNET.

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