Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anticipated Red Hat Summit

Well Well Well Red hat summit is almost ahead for us and i am very mush excited for the event.

As far as my interest is concerned, i m very very much interested to know about the new plan and procedures RED HAT has to be rolled out for Open Cloud Stake.... Yes the future leader for Cloud computing technologies in Open Source Plateform.

Red Hat Open Stake should be a new breeze in the cloud development and management and specially bring a new era to PAAS layer. The rumors that are up till now are very very excited and i m also want to see many of them becomes true in upcoming days....

The new Roll Out of red hat Enterprise Linux will also be an area of interest for me ... as being open source, in my opinion makes you open .. in true sense.

So lets wait and see.. whats ahead for us by RED HAT...

Hats Off !

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